Hey everyone,
I recently purchased Airstream Bridge DMX and most of of my fixtures aren’t listed in the program. Is it possible to get the profiles and import to the App ? Here are the fixtures that I need profiles for.

Accu Spot 300
Accu UFO Pro LED
Quad Gem DMX
Mega Bar Pro
Quad Scan Pro
Dotz Bar 1.4
Mega Bar RGBA
Mega Flash DMX

I really appreciate anyone’s help.

Best Regards,

Mark Butler
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hi Mark, i was sent your email just a bit ago today, i haven't had a chance to respond just yet though.

but i can find about 80% of your list already built into the airstream app. A few we will have to make, and that can take a few days max. Check the app store and make sure you are up to date cause a lot of your list is already made.

Also this section of thee forum is for mydmx software. I'll leave this here for now, but soon i'll add a section for the airstream bridge.

Hey guys, 1st post.  I have had the airstream bridge for a few months and love it! I just purchased 2 new Chauvet mini Kinta irc.  I tried making a profile for a 4 channel RGBW, but then I have no strobe or speed control.   I saw a post with a Dropbox link for the profile built for this but it is empty. Is there any way someone could point me in the right direction?  


Thanks, Dj Ricky 

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