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Hello again everyone,
As i said before, Im new to all these lighting and special effect things.
I work in a small club as a DJ and we have a 24 channel DMX console for the lights of the club.
We have theatrical lights. The spotlights all over the club. All these are with dimmers.
We currently have a Commander 24 e-lite console and
i want to replace it with the 24channel scene setter from Elation.
From what i see the two consoles are identical the same. Every button is the same.
My question is: What will i have to do in order to make the new console work?
Do i have to programm something or i just plug in the DMX cable and it will work like the previous?
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There seems to be some misunderstanding.

A scene is simply a collection of pre-programmed settings. Like, let's say "Hey, I want scene 1 to be BLUE cans only at 100%", but scene 2 is RED cans at 100%...

Effects has NOTHINg to do with scenes. Scenes can be used to trigger effects if you want.

There os a link somewhere around here fora DMX-512 primer. I would suggest reading it. I als suggest that if the manufacturer provides manuals for download, I would download and read the manual to see if it appears the controller you're looking at does what you need it too do. When you get more lighting experience, it will be easier for you to read these manuals as you'll have better knowledge and expectations.

You're not going to get COMPLEX programming from a Scene Setter 24.
Chris thanx for your reply.
I know what a scene is.
My concerns are much more simple than that.
That console i use it only to operate the light (meaning
to light them on to desire brightnes when we open
and to turn them off when we close).
So my concerns are: will all the lights operate
when i change the console?
I only use the faders each fader for each set of lights
once per night or few times.
I dont use scenes or chases in that console.
So the only thing i want to do is to replace
my old console with the new and operate the lights like
You need to do a little bit of documentation, and this is a SMART thing to do.

Document what comes up or down when you move faders.

Your new console will operate your existing fixtures. DMX protocol is DMX protocol.

For what little you do, it might be a smart idea to make a few scenes just to ensure consistency and ease of use. I mean, I would. I'm sure with your limited requirements, a handful of well documented scenes would be sufficient.

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