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Hello everyone,
I have a question and i hope someone can help me.
Im new to all these stuff lighting & stage effects.
I want to buy one 24 ch Scece Setter DMX Dimming console to replace my current old console.
I see that the Elation Console has a button
"Fog Machine" and an input with 5 pin in the back.
I also want to replace my fog machine with the
ADJ FogStorm 1700HD.
Is it possible to oparate FogStorm via that button in the Elation console?
And if so how can i do that?
Original Post
Well, with the FogStom 1700HD, it includes a device to turn this into a 1-channel fog machine, but this would burn 1 channel of DMX on your channel-restricted console. I prefer the direct DMX control, but in your situation, you're better off using the dedicated fog control function.

The controller also claims it can connect to a Fog Storm 1200 or 1700, so you may need to build an accessory cable or order one or it may be included with the Fog Storm HD you intend to buy.

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