We have, in our band, 4 LEd lamps in front of the stage and 2 moving heads behind the scene. How can I connect the lights in the front and in the back so I can control them all with mydmx go, without having a XLR cable running from the front to the back of the scene?  

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I parallel connect my devices with in/out, so the D6 wont solve my issue. 

I need to wireless connect the devices in front to the devices behind the scenes, so i dont need to run a cable. 

At the same time i want to able to control both front devices and the ones behind the scene with mydmx GO. 

The mydmx GO app does not require any programming, but can be used to create beautiful, synchronized lighting with any combination of fixtures. Its unique layout has two effect knobs (one for color chases and the other for movement patterns), each containing eight preprogrammed effects.

It can be selected independently, customized (by changing color palette, speed, size, offset and fan) and combined to create a large number of different unique effects that can be stored for instant recall. in one of the 50 user-defined presets. In a matter of seconds, it's possible to easily create incredible lighting screens that require programming time using traditional control systems.

Hmm i know that. But it still doesnt solve my issue. 

How Can i connect my 2 universes wirelessly, without the need to purchase 2 GO?

But is it not possible to connect 2 moving heads from behind the scene and 2 moving heads in front of the scene wirelessly, without having to drag a DMX cable from behind the scene to the front of the scene?

Can I use the ADJ WiFly EXR Battery or the ADJ Airstream Bridge with the Mydmx GO to connect the backscene and the frontscene wirelessly?

Hi so myDMX go hardware isn't a WiFly transmitter, the only wireless communication it does is the WIFI to connect to the tablet. If you need wireless DMX then you will need 2x Wifly Transceivers, one to send form the myDMX Go output and the other to receive to send DMX to the lights. The airstream has it's own built in Wifly but does not work with the MyDMX Go app. 
which do you own, the airstream DMX bridge hardware or the MyDMX Go hardware or both?  

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