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Our stage lighting contains 18 PAR 64 cans.  Power to the lights are supplied via DMX controlled dimmers with two lights per channel for a total of 9 DMX channels.  

How do I represent all 18 lights in MyDMX 3?  When I go in to patch them I only see the ability to add a single fixture to DMX address.  How do I assign two lights to the same address?

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I don't want them to all do the same thing.  They are focused on different areas of the stage and highlight different performers during different times of the performance.  In MyDMX on the patch screen, when I add a light, it adds the light to the patch (let's say DMX channel 1) and also add a "fixture" represented as a square at the bottom of the screen.  How do I get the second square at the bottom of the screen also on DMX channel 1 which would represent my two lights both plugged into the same dimmer pack?

ah ok, sorry i misunderstood. 
in the program you cannot duplicate a fixture in the patch or in the 2D plot, but you can duplicate the fixture in the 3D. 
when you go into Edit mode on the 3D, in the objects section, expand fixtures, then the folder for the fixtures you want to duplicate and then right click the one hit copy, then right click on an empty space near it and hit paste. 
See pic attached. 


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