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How many times can DMX be safely split before the signal deteriorates?

OK, here's my theoretical situation. I have have my main DMX controller at FOH location/area. Two spotlights are either along my same line or else are further behind, maybe above me. So, I want to take my controller output, which will also control the spots, and then split it using the ADJ DMX Splitter(or a rack-mount version)at least 3 ways: One main split to go to the stage, and two other splits to got to the spots.

Once to the stage, I am debating other gear. But the conceptis that there is a front truss, a back truss, two lighting trees, and some other DMX lights sitting in different locations. So, the main stage run goes into another splitter at the stage. Then this splits into the front truss(which will likely hit the trees), another split to the rear truss, another split to the movers, and another split to floor mounted lights.

Safe? Do-able? I mean, we're not talking about the ethernet hub(HUB, not switch) 3 hop rule even though the signal is actively repeated. Does DMX have any such problems? I am assuming these splitters are also active repeaters/regenerators. The lag, if any, unless massive, would not be a major issue. I'm not looking to sync super tight with music or anything.
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Well, I can dream fairly big. But that answers it completely for me. Mainly, with the amount of splits I'm intended, there's no issue. No way I would use more than just simple splits to do this task. I might take a split and adapt it to a modem cable for "out of band" monitoring and analysis to a laptop. 230Kbps isn't a whole lot for even a slow laptop to handle these days.

Off to make more DMX terminators from spare XLR plugs and save up for splitters.

Big show coming up(maybe, don't ask, story is a novel at this point). I'm finally getting around to learning to program my DMX Operator that I purchased back in 2002. As old as it may be, it works just fine. I am happy to be finally utlizing it. I also have to call up ADJ and order some parts.

Nice to see some protocols are very robust despite not having error correction.

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