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Hi all,

I'm new to putting on dances for the High School where I teach. All we have are 4 can lights on a tripod bar. I am totally new to this world of lighting, and know nothing really. I'm looking to spend no more than $500. Our tech guy said our can lights just plug into an outlet and senses the beat of the music, and so thats the type of equipment I'm looking for.

So my question: 1. What would be a "must have" for putting on a good dance? 2. Should I get a truss (like a collapsable one?) or tripod bars? 3. Does all this equipment just plug into the wall and then senses the beats of the music?

I appreciate all recommendations. And then whats the best site to order these products from, or should I find a local store in Grand Rapids MI?

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These days, almost ALL ADJ lights are able to "run all night", which is great, because that means no more duty cycles(period of time on, followed by a period of time off).

You'll want to look for 1 thing: High-Tech FX. Make sure it is sound active.

If you're looking for control in the future, you can either hook these to power packs to control via DMX, or you can buy fixtures that already support DMX, but that's gonna eat into your budget fast.

Some dimmer packs have built in programs. The ADJ DP-DMX20L DOES not support sound active, but has lik 99 patterns to choose from and a variable speed setting.

For your budget, AVOID trussing, it's gonna eat over half your budget at least. A single dimmer will be over 1/3 of your budget. A controller? 1/3 to 1/2 your budget easily. You're better off with trees.(t-bar on a stand).

The budget is unfortunately really small and is going to severely limit you. It's just a fact. That isn't to say you can't get some cool stuff for that money either.

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