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I purchased the Revo II LED unit and am pleased with the effects.

I want to use the unit stand alone in an open, outdoor environment. I am having trouble consistently getting the sound activated mode to start and continue the built in programs. If I really crank the volume on the music it works reliably, but in the environment I want to use it in, I can't always do this without causing problems. (It's kind of an outdoor "trade show" environment, and my "booth" is surrounded by others, who aren't necessarily interested in hearing music blaring at high levels without complaints).

Is there a way to force the unit to cycle through it's built in programs without relying on the sound trigger?

I am trying to avoid either (A) purchasing a full blown DMX controller and learning how to use it to achieve this, or (B) mounting an additional speaker right behind the thing to activate it.

Any help appreciated.
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hello. sorry for the delay in response. do you only have one of these units? or multiples? if you had more than 1 i would say use master and slave and then put one near the speakers and then it will control the other one but if you only have one i would say buy a small 4 channel controller or something and just put it on a cycle. sincerely,
Honestly, your best bet seems to be to buy a DMX Duo. And have someone who has myDMX program it for you.

If you get the Duo and tell me exactly the scene you are trying to create with it, I can program the controller for you.

Basically the DMX Duo is what I call and "idiot" controller. You don't really need to know about DMX at all, just how to press buttons. I use the Duo for my setups when I'm not there to run the lighting.
that means that you can hook up two pars to a dimmer pack (not the device i linked you to) and have control over he two lights. basically they are two stationary lights that you can control the intensity of the lamp. so ya you can st it up and turn it on and adjust the programs on the revo II and have it go all by itself. let me know if you have any more questions. sincerely,

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