Well, it turns out i now noting about turntablism, so i guess iam back to the boards, learning the art. Except i have a problem, i have no clue how or what beatmatching is. So if someone could please tell me how, and what i should do to be a great beatmatcher, i would appreciat it. By the way all i use is hip hop, so lets base it on that then

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This my friend is the time to practice one and one with the turntables. It's very time consuming, so make sure you got time.

There really isn't a way to tell you how to do it, and then you know how too. The only way you can master this art is by practicing. The more you practice beat matching the better you will get because this is a art that you have to train your brain how it works.
ok i forgot to tell you what beat matching is.. lol

Beat Matching is when you take 2 records, and you try to match the BPM's at the same speed. If the record or CD on the left is at 120 BPM's and the song on the right is at 130 BPM's then your going to need to match the beats together for a perfect mix. If your mixing into the left side your going to need to drop the BPM's the right side, and Vise Versa. This is why many DJ's wish to use a BPM counter, but the problem with the BPM counter is that once you are comfortable using a BPM counter... your going to be relying on the BPM counter, which i believe is not a good thing. It is always best to practice the Art of Beat Matching without a BPM counter so that the true talent of Mixing is within you, and not on a machine! I hope i made myself clear enough for you to understand this artform! Thanks.
1st off the main thing you need to learn is how the beat patterns are, and when, and how to mix them. beat matching is pretty difficult at 1st but the main thing is DO NOT RELY ON BEAT COUNTERS !!!, mainly because your ear is far more accurate then a beatcounter. Beat counters are nice for helping you find out roughly where you are BPM wise, but not for beatmixing. My biggest tip on beatmixing, is 1st start the 1st song. listen to how its beats go. Listen to the songs a few times, and get used to the structure of how the song begins, and breaks. Then get out a second song with a simular beat pattern preferably. And cue to the 1st bass beat (ussually a strong thump or boom followed by a snare or SFX). now rock the 1st bass beat (done simply by scratching the 1st bass beat or bar with the other songs beat). Doing this will momentarily match the two beats but eventually the beats will become offset. Now is the time when you start messing with the pitch fader. Repeating the steps above (rocking the beat, etc). adjust the pitch until the song stays synced nicly. *note that the beats will always have a bit of an offset, so you will need to learn how to "bend the pitch". Doing this has various methods, but me being a digital dj ill just have to explain it the best i can. On Vinyl the best way to bend pitch is to lightly touch the edge of the record. Doing this will momentarly decrease the pitch to get the beats back on track. But if the song is to slow, and the beat is draging. You will have to bend the pitch up. the main method i have seen with this is slightly nudging the label on the record forward. Doing this will increase the speed momentarily to get the mix back on track.

Well this is pretty much the only way i can describe beatmixing, for more help feel free to contact me at: djelyte@attbi.com

and maybe i can give you a live webcam tutorial.

DJ E`lyte

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