Help: Portable Boot Suggestions?

Is anyone using one of these for gigs? :

I use a Numark N4 with a laptop on a stand. For a booth I'm using a 48 inch folding table and a home-made PVC pipe/spandex facade. I'm looking for something that looks a little more sleek, but still relatively inexpensive and easy to transport and assemble. Any suggestions?


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That pop up podium table looks pretty sweet. I'm using something similar to you I believe, It's PVC pipe with a white cloth that stretches over the front. I put this in front of my table and gear.

I'm in the process of building a custom "coffin" like case for my set up. I'm using a keyboard case. I'm mounting the inner workings of a desktop computer and 2 monitors inside of it. My mixer, DJ controller, and a power conditioner and sound conditioner will all be mounted inside too. The idea is that I can get to a gig and just open the lid, plug in power and speakers and I'm ready to play. My lights are DMX controlled, and I have a wireless DMX connection to them. They are stored in a separate crate which is being built specifically for them which will serve as my table bottom. The lights are all hooked up on a home made expandable rod, so all I do is hang them up and plug in a single plug, and they are ready to go. Once it is all said and done, I'll have a very easy set up. I'm hoping the front will look good enough to not have to cover it with anything, it will simply be a black "flight case" with my keyboard/coffin case on top. All of the wiring will be internal. If it look poor, I'll still be trudging along the white PVC facade. I kind of like lighting that up from the inside anyhow.

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