hi, i was scratching on a record, and everytime i scratched it would skip. I would be doing stuff to a sentence or a word, and it would go to some different part of the song

What am i doing wrong, is it that iam pressing ot hard, or is it the record, its a little bit cupped but not bad at all. Whats the deal
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1)Check for Warpness

2)Pressure on the record is improtant

3)A good slipmat that is tight and NOT streched in the middle

4)Check weight of the tone arm, and height adjustment. Take a good look and make sure that it's not to heavy, and not to lite.

5)Check if the record fits the turntable tightly too. If it's not then all you have to do is get some scotch tape, and get some of the smooth backings that are inside of a cassette tape ( the sticker part that you use to place the logo on your tapes ) Peel the whole sticker out of the logo, and keep the backing from the sticker " ( Throw away the actual sticker part) If you touch it you can see that it's smooth, and shiny" Just cut out a small long piece, and put it inside the hole of the record " Then tape it down, from one side to the other ". ( MAKE SURE THE SMOOTH PART IS FACING THE OUTSIDE ) Then place the record back on the turnable and see if skipping still continues. If it does then continue this process and add another piece of paper in the hole, and tape it down again.
well i balenced the needle, and it seems that i had some problems witht he needle, but balanceing fixed it up.

But it seems that the problem that i have is the records. The records go like \_/, not that extreme, but when u hit one end to scratch, the other end pops up and skips the needle, does that make sense.

Now will every record be curved, or do i just have a doozy, i only have one 4 lp record, so is it just luck

thanks again

No records should be curved,,,they should be flat, make sure they are flat when you by them,,,,check them out play them at the store most DJ record stores will actually have TURNTABLES set up to test out your new purchase,,so dont be shy and try,,and yes, your record sounds awfully WARPED..

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It definately sounds like your record is warped. Just out of curiousity, what type of turntable are you running? I hope you get the problem solved.
well, iam running a s****** s*** 80, and it works fine on one of my reocords, its just that some of the records are a little curved

But trust me there not that cupped
where are u keeping your vinyl, if its in a place where it gets realy hot then that is why your records are warped, u gotta keep them in like a place where they won't get to hot, don't keep them in the sun no matter what u do, u should prob pick up a vinyl case and keep your Lp's in there i think some are insulated to make sure the record won't get to hot and warp

All of these statements are good advice. I recommend trying them all and see what the problem is. You should never get warped records if it's warped and put it back on the shelf, and find another.
well, i foudn out the problem, i had the counter weight on very ****ty

see i didnt now how to balance it, but now i now how and i got it at 3.7 grams and it works pretty good now
hey i really would like to know the answer to the question. is there a way to flatten records once their warpt. i have a few records that are old and i really would like to flatten. i was advised that one could use a laundry drier if it opens in a manner in which you can lay the record on the door flat, after the drier door was heated,by running the drier(not too hot though) and placing a book or some other object on the record to flatten the record while it heats and then cool. i just dont have the right drier to try it. i beleave this will work or is at least worth a try. by the way i am new to the site. i have been a dj for about 3 yrs (solo) bet i am very knowlegeable on equipment and seriously beleave you get what you pay for. therefore I only buy the best( thats really a responce to some of the questions about equipment questions i read on this site).

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