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I got a problem that i need peoples advice about. I am new to the DMX Lighting and all... really and I want to do huge dances now cause I know that i'm rdy to, i got the sound and everything else. But, this is what I want.. can u give me some suggestions... Like I want to Get 2 heavey duty crank stands... i know adj doesnt carry these... but who does Then on top of these crank stands and putting a couple pieces of box truss maybe 2 or 3 or something.... then I want to buy 4 decent intels...any suggestions on intels or like trussing... My budget is $4000 CANADIAN...

thanks hope to hear from you soon

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concept 2s and auto spots would be what i think you would like to look at, but for a 4000 canadian budget this would be what i would look at:
4 concept 2s
1 dmx operator 2
1 haze generator
as far as the stands go, u will prob need some heavy duty to hold it all up u culd try the lts-50t, i have one and it is awesome, but if you are still looking more towards trussing, then email me about the stands, but as far as box truss and triangle truss adj supplies both.
hope this helps

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