hey, i wan't to be a dj, any advice. where to get things how to use it how every thing works. i just want to know how to be a dj! so plz tell me! thankx
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First off, welcome to the forum, borro. We can't discuss vendors here, but E-mail me at ddj331@yahoo.com and I'll tell you some places that will send you a catalog of DJ gear and it's prices.

Anyways, you'll need money to start out. What type of events are you looking at DJing? This will derermine how much you spend and if you need lights and things like that. I hope that helps a little!

Do what i did. Call a company in the area.
Im spining on fiarly nice equipment, and playing with a sweet light show, and it didn't cost me a dime. Not only did i not have to invest money im making it while having fun!
Originally posted by Drew:
[qb]Do what i did. [/qb]

after a few people . . . . . Roll Eyes wisely suggested . . . . I do this Cool
invest in american dj/audio products little by little, and eventually you can do it on yer own, but for now i would grab a decent mixer and 2 basic cd players (or a dual deck), then try to see what deej companies are looking for helpers, i know the dj service companies around here are cheap, but they can always use the help in setting up and rigging down...hey its a start Smiler

One prerequisite for becoming a good DJ is that you appreciate all styles of music. You have to love music. Being a DJ is a life time commitment to music. I always used to say that I was married to my music. Many, many hours must be spent continually practicing your mixing. It is truly an artform.
Like Deejay-millz said, get yourself some equipment, practice, then go looking for a company that needs helpers. I really think you need your own equipment first though, as how else are you going to practice. I don't think any company would hire anyone unless they knew at least a little bit of what they were doing. Start by doing some small house parties for friends for free. You need an audience to guage how you are doing. I started out just using house equipment to DJ with, and some real cheapy, cheezy looking lights, some of my lights actually being home-made by myself, but what it boils down to is basically the choice of music you play that will make you good since you will probably always be looking for newer, better sounding equipment if you are like me. ADJ has all types of equipment for the beginners to the seasoned pro's, everything you need, and more. You get this site to help you along and answer any questions that may arise. They helped me out immensly. You have DJ's from all over the world on this forum.
And by the way, welcome to the site BORRO.
Tha DOGG Wink
boro, i'm gonna tell you what i told drew long ago, learn from people who already have experience, call all the companies in your area, they'll show you the ropes of DJing. how to mix, setup, how to handle requests, how diff events work. You can try and learn it by your self but it is difficult, go home and pull out the phone book and call all the companies in your area, see who is hiring, alot should be at this time, its right before spring and this is the best time to get with an established company, as far as equipment, email me at Blazin_Beatz@hotmail.com
or contact me on AIM at jewishjosh99

Oh yeah, one tip... dont buy equipment too fast. Call around to some companies first. You dont want waste money on equipment you will out grow in a matter of months, or the wrong equipment for that matter.
No one told me about the "call a company" when i first came onto the board. I might try that during the summer (school is a problem, thats why i must wait till summer.)

-Tekno Confused
madness, call them and ask them how much they would charge to show you the ropes, if you already know how to do that stuff, then just start your own.
Originally posted by borro:
[qb]hey, i wan't to be a dj, any advice. where to get things how to use it how every thing works. i just want to know how to be a dj! so plz tell me! thankx

also use our beautiful search feature...
Its full of informations and questions for newbies like u! Wink
And once again Welcome to the Board! Big Grin
thanx i'll see what i can come up with but the thing is i live in a small city and there aren't many companies to look for. but i'll remember the advice, thnx again Razzer

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