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Hi i have a 12 channel Dromena Vista RGB laser 1000mW. Am trying to get the profile on the laser rigth and thats reely hard. Or am yust not that good anny way i need some help to make a profile. This is a show laser for mid large clubs so i want a good setup on it. Annyone able to send me some tips or the file on it? I have been trying for 3 days now. I have the Mybuddy DMX. 


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Hi it wil not run the laser it migth be the dippswitch settings? the settings that are showing up on my buddy is wrong. Laser goes strait in auto mode with that. 

And is the file for 2.0 og 2.1 my buddy? what shuld i use? 

Are there anny way to know if the DMX has a connection thats rigth for it? 

I get the pip from Windows but nothing more. so i downloaded the 2.0 software and the auto oppdate. 

i reealy hope to get the laser running am having a large party for my birth day in a few days  

theres 12 channels for DMX rigth so the 13 channel shuld be the channel for DMX control on the dipps ? 

Hi, a profile cannot make a fixture not work, it is all just an icon based interface for the DMX channels it is being sent too. 
If the laser is  properly addressed and set up for DMX control moving the faders for the 12 channels as long as the laser is set to the same starting address like 1, the laser should do SOMETHING if it is getting DMX. 

The file is for the software mydmx 2.1, the buddy is the device that sends DMX from the software through a DMX cable to the lasers DMX input. 

Set the lasers dipswitches 1-10 to: 1 ON then all the rest OFF, but leave 10 on, and see if that gives you control, if not, then try turning 10 off. 

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