Ok I need to know how to get the "skipping record" effect. You know kinda like:

Tweet's- Ops! there(skip)there(skip)there goes my shirt up over my head, oh my(skip)oh(skip)oh(skip)oh my...Please help!
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In the love of GOD , What are you saying????

What are you talking about? Vinyl? CD PLAYER? Your losing me here ! Confused Confused Confused Confused
Hey Shannon,

Just explain a bit better what is that your trying to acomplish , so that i can give you a detailed answer! Thanks
I think that was the MOST..CONFUSING..thing i ever read..What was the question.. is this for Turntables..or CD... UMMM.. i would love to help you.. but have no clue as to waht your lookin for.. btu hey i have ALOT of EXPERIENCE on mixin CRAZY on TURNTABLES so if its on tables let me know and i can HELP you.. Keep it real and peace out.

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I wish you can come back ( SKIP ) back ( SKIP ) back ( SKIP ) so that You ( SKIP ) you can explain to me what ( SKIP ) what ( SKIP ) what ( SKIP ) you are trying to say? ( SKIP ) say? So that I ( SKIP ) I can find out how to help you ( SKIP ) you, and clear this up ! Big Grin Big Grin
Ok I'm thoughly pleased with myself that I was able to confuse the best of you! Big Grin And sorry for not coming back sooner, I would've but I scheduled a car wreck in yesterday and that took up most of my day...SO! What I am trying to do is hard for me to explain but here goes...1st I spin vinyl and turntables, ok ya know how a record skips(it just plays the same line over and over again) well I know that you can do that manually right? Kinda like Cadillac did in his skratching video. I'm not sure if that is called looping or what. But anyway I'm just trying to start learning some cool tricks to impress the crowd. I've got a party planned for June and thought that I'd try to spice it up a bit. Because crowds like good mixing DJs, but I want them to talk about it the next day. So if I am still confusing you guys let me know and I'll try to explain it further. On the same note if anyone...DJGUESS...has any other tricks to get the crowd going I'm all ears!
Thanks for the overwhelming support!

I know what your talking about now.. This is what i do, and if anybody else wants to share there thoughts that would be great.

What you have to do is take some type of sticker, and you have to manually place it on the record where you want the word to come back.. it's a little bit difficult if you've never done anything like this before, but it can be done. You have to place it before the needle so that the needle will skip back to the beginning of the word your tring to loop. Do you get me? You have to place the sticker to the point where the needle will slide right off it, and back to the groove of the record you want to loop and at the same time place the sticker exactly at the point where it wont continue, but just keep looping that part over and over.
ok so...man! that sounds kinda hard. How do you get the sticker off without missing a beat? And when you say sticker you do mean like kindergarden smiley face stickers, not a DJ tool or something, right? I do get what your saying though and it makes sense why that would work. I just got a bunch of new records yesterday so I'm going crazy wanting to play around with some new techniques. Can you give me any of your other secrets. Smiler I can see why it is good to hook up with a DJ that can actually show you this stuff.
Shannon Smiler
I personally use any type of sticker just as long as it works for me. It can be a pokemon sticker for all i care... If it works then i will do it.

Sorry no more secrets for you! Wink
AHHHH.., Now i understand your question..O.K.. my Brain is TURNED on now..(LOL)...anyways before i could get to answer your Question..yes..DJ SKILZ.. answered it very well.. a sticker on the vinyl..ot scotch tape sould do the trick..looping (skipping) beats is a pretty neat trick..and fun when you master it,,just make sure you practice this art form a bit because it can get annoying if its done improperly..REMEMBER..there is alot of tricks you can do ..other than looping aswell..theres a post in one of the rooms on crab scratching...which is an intresting mixing technique you do with your fader..ive just been learning that one myself...and ..you can always..use a transformer..switch trick..in and out cuts...example..you have 2 songs playing..one on your right turntable.. one on your left turntable..take a word at a point of time.. from that song and take a word from the other song.. and you cut back and forth like... ( MY NAME IS ) by Eminem..and ( Snoop Dogg)..so it would be ( my name is,Snoop dogg)... transform it.. dont just use your turntables use your MIXER aswell use your transformer switch or line switch which ever one you have .. to cut and play with .. i hope you understand what im tryin to say.. its kinda hard on the COMPUTER TO EXPLAIN it would be easier to show you.. but anyways your best bet is to really just blend , mix and practice alot ...but ya Skilz's explanation of the sticker or even what i use SCOTCH TAPE will do the trick fine...hope it helped a bit.. peace out and keep it real..

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Shannon, I could be wrong here, but what you described sounds like a sampler issue to me, not really a looping one! But Skilz and Guess have given excellent pointers if you want to go that route. The same type of effect can be accomplished with a sampler (using the PS2 would be perfect!!). When you described the stutter effect with Tweet's song, the part or phrase that you want to stutter can be stored into the sampler. Then you can recall that sample as the song is playing to also produce the stutter (on beat increments, of course!), without having to loop the playing record. This is a cool technique and you might find it a bit easier to perform.
Then again, maybe what I'm describing isn't what you're looking for at all!! I just thought I'd throw it out there!! Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks I think that is probably what I am trying to do probably, but I have a pretty sorry mixer so I can't sample. So that is why I needed manual tips for now. But ya know if I do get some cash flow and a good mixer I'm posting to you! Wink But anyway How do you find where you're suppose to put the sticker cause my needle just played right over that sticker...and let me say that is NOT a pleasant sound.
-Shannon Confused Cool Red Face

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