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I have bought the vms 4.1 with virtual dj le, I use a new laptop win7, nothing installed before. I live in Belgium, Europe.
Installs fine, asio is ok, I’m sure all settings are fine : inputs none, external mixer, asio, and asio settings: out 1-2 en out 3-4 (2decks)

I have this strange issue.
When I cue listen a song on deck 1 by tapping the cue button above fader 2, it plays on the headphone and I can play it through the master out when opening the fader 2. This is normal.
Next, on deck 2 the same on fader 3, also normal.

BUT now I go back to deck 1 for a new song and I can only cue listen on the headphone by opening the fader :-o then I hear the 3rd song on both master output and headphone ONLY when the fader is open, no sound in the headphone when cue is pressed without opening the fader.
Very weird to hear the master out on the headphones.
Same isue when bypassing asio drivers (vms as soundcard in sound setup) and same with advanced config.

I assume I need a firmware update? Or is that only for the vms4 and not 4.1?
Can I see the current version of the firmware?
There’s no firmware update utility when I installed virtualdj le from the included cd. Not in the win7 menu’s, not in program files and also not in mydocuments section.
Can I download this utility ?

Any hints about this prelisten cue headphones problem ?
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