I sent an email to support@adj.com but I figured I may get a quicker response here in the forums.

MyDMX Go controller arrived yesterday. I'm in Ontario, Canada and purchased from AVSHOP.CA  I initially added 5 chinese uplights (36 bulbs) and 1 ADJ Mega Bar RGBA and was very satisfied with the results! 

Today I tried adding a bunch of my other ADJ fixtures and the results were terrible.

2 x ADJ Jellyfish: Weren't as nice as I'm used to.

2 x ADJ Inno Pocket Roll. These never roll, never change color. If you click on the Gobo button in the software you can select a gobo but that includes a color so you can't select just a gobo and just a color. And did I mention they turn back and forth but they never ROLL? You have to go into fixtures and slide up a channel but then it rolls all the time no matter what. This took a great fixture and made it suck badly.

ADJ Double Phase. This just rotates fast and never stops rotating. Ever. And the color rarely changes. Again, this took a great fixture and made is useless.

ADJ Stinger. No reaction through the software at all. If you go into the fixtures and slide channel 1 up it will start to do things. Again, this took a great fixture and made it useless.

I then added 2 Lixada 50W 9/11 channel moving heads. I have them hanging from a T-Bar on a stand. These "sorta" worked. I had tried to limit their direction so they wouldn't fly backwards and shine on me but only shine forward.  I thought I had done that easily enough but when I use the pre-sets in the moving heads side in the software the heads are flying all around and not paying attention to the previous setting. I figure I just need to try some different fixture profiles.

With that I took a break and came back a few hours later.

This time I created a new profile for each fixture and added only that fixture (or 2 where I had two of the same). I figure this would be easier to test by fixture than looking at the whole group. Yes, I had to change all the DMX addresses to do this. 

Same results. I did find I forgot to set the Jellyfish to the higher number of channels and they work better now and would pass.

The rest of the lights were the same (bad).

When I got around to trying the moving heads on their own I could no longer get the app to connect to wifi. I reset the tablet, reset the wifi. Now I can't even get the app to recognize the wifi (but the tablet says connected to the wireless device).

So I just powered everything off for the night and will try working on the moving heads tomorrow.

I have an ADJ Fun Factor in the garage I haven't fetched yet but I would like to try it too.

I'm using an Android tablet. A Samsung Galaxy Tab A6. 

I have been using an ADJ DMX Operator. I spent a few weeks last winter setting up scenes with the above equipment (minus the uplights and mega bar). This works very well actually. I was hoping to add new lights this year and use the MyDMX Go as my DMX controller. I hope that is still possible.

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