DJ-ing Is A Piece Of Cake
With American Audio PSX

LOS ANGELES � Detroit-area DJ Miguel Angel serves up spicy mixes using two PSX digital turntables from American Audio. But on his 20th birthday, his audio gear inspired his girlfriend Grace Guel to �mix� up something sweeter � a cake.

Guel made Angel a birthday cake designed as a replica of a PSX CD Player. Actually, she made two of them. She positioned her twin turntable concoctions side by side, just like Angel�s setup at DJ gigs.

�I wanted to give Miguel something really different that he couldn�t get anywhere else,� said Guel. �So I thought I�d surprise him with a cake that looked like his CD players.�

Because the cake was meant to be a surprise, Guel couldn�t ask to borrow Angel�s gear to copy it. So the resourceful baker visited American Audio�s website ( and downloaded a photo of the PSX.

Her well-fashioned dessert bears striking resemblance to the actual gear. It�s covered with a silver buttercream frosting that�s the same color as the CD player�s faceplate. All the PSX�s main features are there -- jog wheel, pitch slider, cue button, three flash buttons, play/pause button and more. Guel even heeded small details like the pink color and rectangular shape of the FX buttons. She copied the unit�s digital LCD display, putting �20� (Angel�s age) on the track indicator, and �2:10� (his birthday) on the time meter.

Guel says she learned how to decorate cakes by taking classes at a local crafts store. A college student in criminal justice, she picks up extra cash selling fancy custom-made cakes from her website (

What was Angel�s reaction to his digital turntable cake? �He really enjoyed it. He said he was going to practice on them,� says Guel.

Which goes to show. . .if you�re a digital DJ who has a girlfriend who�s a master pastry chef, you can scratch your cake and eat it too!
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