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I experience serious problems in this mode.

In digital mode you can use the VU meters of the software, but in analog mode you only have the VU of the VMS4.

The Gain and Master volume are linked in the VU output.
Meaning when you turn up/down the Gain, the VU changes, but when you change the master the VU changes in the same VU meter.

Sounds logical, but when you think of it, it seriously doesn't make any sense, as the gain is used to change the volume to appr. 0dB, and the Master volume is to change the volume for your audiance.
When you have CUE-ed to 0dB with the gain, and the audiance volume is too high or low, you have to change the Master volume with use of the same VU meters, meaning this will lower, or rise the volume of your to-be-cue-ed channel as well, as your CUE uses the same VU.

So when you CUE a channel through your headphones, you use the VU meters to the VU output of your linked Master and Gain, while you only CUE to the Gain VU output.
This will result in in higher or lower volume when you mix the channel in.

Might not be very clear what I'm trying to say, but just try analog mixing, and you'll probably walk into the same problems.
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If you want to check the VU meters on an individual channel, just hit the CUE button on that channel. This will both allow you to cue the channel in headphones and will switch the VU meter to display the CUE audio level. So here adjustments to the master volume will have no effect on the VU meter display.

If you deactivate the CUE on all of the channels, then the VU meter will display the master audio level.

So instead of having a cue/master switch on the VU meter, this is done for you automatically when you select and deselect the cueing functions.

Hope this answers your question

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