I'm curious as to what most DJs around the country see as their best tool for getting new, not referral business.

Yellow Pages Ad
Industry Affiliations
Trade Shows
Freebies etc...

Right now my company does all of this and usually it is networking that gives us the most bang for the buck.
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Probably our biggest draw for new business is this one bridal show we do. We provide the sound and lighting for the show, which really draws people to us. It is billed as the largest bridal show on the East Coast. They give away over $20,000 in door prizes, and have averaged 4000-5000 prospective brides the last three years. Oh by the way it is called the LVBS. Lehigh Valley Bridal Show.

More info on this show can be found here.
This was the grand prize giveaway. I am the one on the mic on the left.

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