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I just bought the Galaxian Royale mostly for home use and have a few questions:

Out of the box the unit only display dots flowing slowly around. With no variation on this.

1). Is there a way to select the 'display pattern', like purple or green only etc. Using 4 red buttons menu on top of the unit?

2). The 'sound activation' mode seems to react only to very high volume, is there a way to make the microphone more sensitive to lower sound levels? (I've already placed it on top of a speaker).

3). Can I control most the Galaxian Royale settings with a UC3 remote (is it worth getting one)?

Thank you for any help and insight on this.
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When you go into sound active mode, some DMX-capable fixtures don't really get intentionally limited. Folks using DMX want control.

However, I hear your argument, and I can mirror that sentiment in regards to the Revo series. I am debating getting one myself, and the idea is for it to run in sound active mode.

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