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THIS is what i envision, dream, and SUGGEST that ADJ makes...

take the Fusion Tri FX Bar
keep the same footprint

in each of the 4 pinspots, swap out exisitng LED's
and put in a 10w RGBW LED in EACH Pinspot, that's 4-Multi Colored LED's in each

to take this one step further, make these Pinspots automatically move in X or X-Y axis, or if this is not possible, make them manually adjustable

now take the 3 existing LED Wash/Strobes
and turn them into 3 MINI-Mega Panels
you'd add 4 more rows of LED's on each panel (as there seems to be room) to make each a 9x9 square, that's 81 LED's per Panel
that's 2 more rows on top and 2 more rows at bottom of each

now instead of making each Panel Solid Colors, make them like the Mega Panels for those multi- color effects as produced by the Mega Panels

so basically you'd have 27 Red, 27 Green, 27 Blue on EACH Panel, allowing for the mixing of colors on each panel

so that's 81 LED's per Panel,
243 LED's in total on Panels

is this WISHFUL thinking or what?
you guys like?

i so want this,
the ADJ Fusion Quad FX Bar !!!
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It's a good idea but I can tell you now why the Quad RGBW chip won't work. you have seen the vio series yes? Well you'll notice on the vio and even the nucleus pro that you don't get a perfectly blended beam output. You get squares. And i'm not sure if we have the lenses to make the quad chip blend smoothly.
There that's my only gripe about this. Otherwise good idea.

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