Ez the skratch community !

i'm a french DMC champion and also a producer.
I just did a free looper called M-RODE LOOPER.

download link : http://yourlooper.com/loopers/...DE%20LOOPER%20PC.exe

It contain 20 free loops to scratch from 60 to 170 Bpm.
Musice styles : electronic hip-hop and drum & bass.
Download all the high definition loops soon on M-RODE soundcloud page.

Big up to the turntablism community and many thanks to those will share this looper all over the world !!!
keep on scratching !

other links :
MAC : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZCZB5JEW
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ola !

i started to post the HD loops on my soundcloud page.
i paid and created a set Specially for scratch people called M-RODE FREE HD BEATS TO SCRATCH but it's limited to 1000 downloads per loops.
i think it's enough lol it's gonna take ages before the limit will be reached.
i can't post all the loops in one day so i will post its once a week.
Check my soundcloud page regularly i may post some new loops witch are not in the m-rode looper.

here is the link !



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