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I only use 6 QTX tri colour par cans.
They are used for lighting for a band.
I can not set scenes to make a show in mydmx as being live, things change, tempo can alter slightly etc.
I use a midi keyboard to control the scenes.
I assign each scene to a key on the midi keyboard.
I have 25 keys with dedicated scenes.
So... pressing a key brings up that scene.
But... That is not exactly what I want to do.
I want that scene only for the duration of the key press.
i.e. I want the keys to behave as flash buttons rather than scene triggers.
Can it be done with a midi keyboard or anything at all?
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Jingles, I use one of my midi keys as blackout.
Is there any way you can think of that that key can be active when no other key is pressed?
ie the blackout key is always active but any other key overrides it.
Possibly the blackout key is glued down and the rest of the keys use the "Latest takes priority" switch?
Sorry if I sound desperate.
I am a pensioner and £300 is really not an option.
I don't get paid for what I do.

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