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Channel 6 (color wheel) the fader is moving by itself without me touching it or using the color wheel. In the video I am connected to my home’s Wi-Fi and Even when I am connected to the MYDMXGO’S WI-FI it does the same thing.

when I get home I will send a video of my android tablet for comparison

on my android tablet the color works fine and so do all the other default values on the channel faders. On the iPad I noticed that the default values for the channel faders are different then on android.


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On my android when I connect to the  mydmgo dongle and open up the app channel 6 (Color wheel) does not move until I physically put my finger on the channel fader or when I use the color wheel selection. This is what I want. Not for it to be changing colors as soon as I o-en up the app. I downloaded the same fixture profile (intimidator 475z) [16 channel mode] from the app on both tablets. The android works and the iPad does not.

could this be happening because I have the newest iPadpro that is out, and the software and hardware for the iPad and the MyDMX go aren’t compatible? If so then that would make sense.

I really do not want to have to make my own profile for this light.  

any help will be appreciated, thank you

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