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Originally posted by Ihearyou(American Audio):
Hello Every one Thank you for being patient I am currently testing the Firmware. As you know there is many different computer platforms (Macs, and Windows) I believe we have a solution. I just need to throughly test it on all the platforms I can before we release it. I will get back to you all by 12:00 pm PST.

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I finished the software update yesterday and Leo is currently double checking it on various platforms. So it is definitely happening.

The LED problem specifically happens on the Virtual DJ LE version that came with the VMS4. It will not happen if you are using the VMS4 in mixer mode or you use it on other software and you don't assign the cue LEDs in software.

Leo will follow through with more detail soon.
The LED problem specifically happens on the Virtual DJ LE version...

It will not happen if you....use it on other software

It DOES still happen in the full version of VDJ. I've just double checked.

The VMS4 config in VDJ uses VMS4 mixer channels 2 & 3, right?

But if I click the VDJ cue button onscreen for the RHS deck, the VMS4 cue light for channel 4 illuminates, not channel 3.

The LHS deck is fine, the onscreen cue operates the cue on VMS4 mixer channel 2.

@ GrrovinDJ--- Did you read Eliots message? let me quote him perhaps you have tunnel vision and can only focus on your post " you don't assign the cue LEDs in software." The new FW will resolve the conflict with the MIDI input to the LED's. Its happening 12:00 PST means my time.
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The Firmware is coming later 12:00 PST would be when the big hand and little hand are on the "12" here in California. Elliot said that the Error happens in Virtual DJ LE to clarify this the mapping is the same if not similar on VDJ pro, and you will have the same outcome with the VMS4 firmware 3.8 if you mapped the MIDI return for the LED's. I will post a document on how to update the VMS4 on mac and PC in a new topic. Will any one like to proof read it. <--- LOL this should be a "?"
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