Feature request: BPM triggers

I got a scene to handle some PAR lamps.
When the scene is started, it will turn the lamps on full, then fade them down.
After the scene has run, the scene is released, and it is ready to be started again.
Right now I can manually start the scene, and have the lamps light up and fade down fast, and tapping manually, they can do it to the same bpm as the music.

I would like to have an option to start the scene every time it detect a bpm, maybe the option to trigger on every detect, and every second detection.

If the scene is still running when the detect occur, it should be restarted.
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Actually... I just got this working as it is, under bpm, select scene as trigger. What was confusing me, was that to use scene as trigger, you have to start the scene manually, and when you do that, the output will be set to the values of the first step. When the trigger then runs the scene, it will go through all the steps, and then stop after setting the values from the first step again.

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