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Noob here, In have read a lot about using a MyDMX with a foot controller and a Midi interface. Can some one tell me what midi device I should get? I am running windows vista 32 bit and MyDMX with a FCB1010. I want ease of use and durability that is inexpensive. I am concerned because I have read that some midi devices are recognized as audio devices by MyDMX rather than midi devices. I don't want to waste time and money.

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Many people have reported success with that unit with a specific upgrade. Unicode or something like that. You'll need to crack it open and swap the ROM out. Shouldn't be a big hassle.

BTW, users have reported success without this upgrade, but have reported better results with it. It just works better with the upgrade. It also addresses some issues Behringer hasn't addressed yet.

Nobody can really definitively tell you what controller to get. We all have different needs. It's not a matter of right or wrong, it's a matter of what ends up being better for you. Best we can do is share what we know, then you interpolate that into what you want to do and make your decision.

The thing is, the FCB1010 is a MIDI device. So, what's critical here is the MIDI interface. As a MIDI device must connect via a MIDI interface, the MIDI interface is KEY, not the MIDI device that connects to the MIDI interface.

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