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I found a foot controller that is exactly what I am looking for...the only problem is that the site that I found it at says that its made by LSC...well I can't find any more info on this controller...its supposed to be an 8 channel on/off foot controller, its exactly what I need. this is what it looks like:
it has the American dj logo on it but I can't find it on the AMDJ site either, any help with finding this controller would be a huge help. thanks
DJ Borris
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ok thats what i figured...but i love the setup of 8 channels controlled by foot
If you do a search on the google website you can find MANY websites that still carry the discontinued american dj products. I notice that has a ton of discontinued products. but i know for a fact there are many websites. Look around some more there might be something newer you might like instead. You never know... Good Luck
hey borris,

a retailer here in sd, been in biz for over 50 years and a friend of mine has tons of older adj stuff (of course new stuff as well). Im almost positive ive seen at least one of those in his store. Give em a call (619)-583-1431. The name of the place is Apex Music. Of course if theyve got it,itll have to be shipped to you (wherever snow-ville is) but its worth a shot. Let me know how that works out.


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