I would have to say as far as game shows are concerned...The Price IS Right and The Weakest Link are my favorites. Weakest Link was recently yaken off the air though Frowner . I like the new show on the Fox network...Dog Eat Dog! Oh and fear factor is pretty good. I have to say one of my favorite sitcoms is the show Reba on KSWB! It is hilarious! Wink
sportscenter used to be good, it's kinda lame now,. . . . not too much time on sports i care about, too much time with college sports blah . . .baseball tonight and nhl2night are darn good shows . . .but nothing will ever top my favorite Mr. Show
oh man, the lady on the weakest link was sooooo annoying....

what does anyone think of the bachelor or meet my folks! or even espn's new reality based show. you can't go anywhere without running into some sort of reality based show!!! aarrrgh!! ::tears hair out::
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Hey Freestyle, is Wisconsin really that warm? I thought it was more of a snowy state.


Heck man we hardly get anymore snow these days!! It is mostly warm here but the weather can change in a Minute!!! Winters are nipply though.
AZ Big Grin

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