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hate "hiphop", atleast all the new stuff. I just dont get it,I hear it and get borred, as where other genres are evolving into more dancable and just easier to the ears. I'm sure that alot has to do with the weak rhymes at best styles that these rappers bring to it. Everything just sounds repetetive, everything from the lyrics to the productions. I think its funny that they (producers) are now sampling older "hiphop" tracks that aren't eaven that old Confused. and atleast try to hide it!
I sppin it because mainstream crowds (evwryone) want to hear it, but the fact of the matter, its just lame in my eyes.

Ok, Ihate reggeaton, but for some reason I have fun with it. I guess it's because it is still somewhat new and the crowds rush the floor. I suppose it hhpes me up and inspires me, so much that I think of new ideas right there and then. Like I said, It coulld be the crowd that feeds me, but what ever the case... it works.

Personaly, I enjoy most 80's music myself. This has to be my personal favorites, but its rare when it gets play in the club. I always get a good response when i do play it, but i can't play it all the time (reading the crowd).

Alright you fanatics, dont get all defensive and start bashing me, this is just a conversation about personal views and or ideas, thoughts, etc.
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I learned something about palm trees. Does that count?

(I got one in my backyard, didn't plant it, just sprouted, it's getting big now!)

Most modern music simply gives me the liquid craps. Talent has been ignored in favor of a quick buck. Artists are simply thrown away because they are too large to flush.

I mean, if you're gonna loop a 1-bar pattern for 3 minutes and 45 seconds, PUH-LEASE!! Freakin' annoying.

Sorry, but black/African American oriented music these days is almost entirely trash, which is an insult to African Americans, who frankly, deserve better than what's being offered to them.

Not to say "white people" music is any better. In general, more trash and flash, less talent and substance or even musicianship.

Could be worse. Vietnamese music is largely the same pussed-out crap that is so soft, it could turn the walls to freakin' rubber. It's redundant crap that hasn't done anything original in 35 years. They just rotate artists through the same songs with slightly different arrangement and production, but nothing actually moving forward. They apparently liked being stuck in 1974. My brother in law(who is Vietnamese, so you can probably guess what my wife is) lives at my house and I gotta listen to this sh*t every night since apparently it's some sort of crime to sleep in a quiet environment.

Ah, the 80's and 90's. Back to when it was difficult to break in and stay in, and you had to actually have something other than a tight ass and a pretty face to get in(guys too!). That's why some of these artists are still around. Yes, the 80's and 90's had a fair amount of crap too, every period does, but there's more artists from that era who are still working. Many in the late 90's and 2000's are one hit blunders that come and go in 3 month cycles.

Personally, I can't stand clubs unless they play live music. Forgive me, I'm a live sound engineer, not a DJ. So, it's not to say I can't appreciate the talents of a DJ, but if I'm paying money to get in the door, I don't want to listen to someone playing canned music.

I do work with a DJ once a month. He does his show, I do his sound. A good DJ hjas a certain flow they use. Reading the crowd at such an event is quite the skill and talent. He's working on another show that he's involving me in sometime in August. They want 2 other DJ's and we both feel this would be foolish for such a short show. Not that it's much more work for me, but unless the guest performers have their own DJ to mix for their style(while I mix for the sound and mains and monitors), additional DJ's aren't really necessary.

I find it hard to buy new artists. I am back to my rule of threes: Three songs on an album I like on a new artists and I'll buy the CD. NO, I do NOT buy the MP3's or do the digital downloads, I want the CD. That's what they were in the studio for: that format to be released. Not this crunched down and eviscerated MP3 crap that internet people drool for.

While not great, I'm contemplating gettin the first Lady Gaga album. But, my other purchase at the same time will be the latest AC/DC album, as well as a Monty Python music CD and some military bands doing known march numbers.

I'd be horrible as a DJ. A bride and groom wanted me to do a slideshow for their wedding. I asked for choices with music, and they said "surprise me". So I used all death metal. Hey, it worked. That wasn't want they wanted, but they were surprised. So I recut it with smooth jazz and classical, which also worked. That's the one they went with. Too bad they dind't reject that so I could do a grindcore version.
LMFAO. I've been reading through the forum post and it reminds me of what it must have been like in the late 40s or 50s when people were saying records wouldn't replace a live artist, or that rock n roll wasn't real music. Move on to the 90s and DJs were saying CDs sounded awful compared to vinyl. There's a saying which goes "If music be the food of love" so I say live and let play.Hip Hop is the beat Rap is the lyric. Rapping can go over any beat. With any music if you don't feel it you ain't going to understand it.

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