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Hello Everyone !

First of All i'd like to say sorry for my poor school-english! Hope you can get what i want Smiler

I bought a used FAB4-System weeks ago and i found out, that there are no bulbs in it Smiler Year i was shocked but no problem, my fault!

I'm living in German y, so I got a 220V Version, even if on the inner package marked, that it is 240V !!!

My first question is, what does have to do with this line from teh product text on ADJ HP:
Lamp: 1x LL-200 120V, 200W per unit or 2x LL-200/2 220V 200W (220V) ???

Does it mean, that per Unit it needs 2 Bulbs?! Can't get it,...

But my realy question is the following:

The Data from the manual is the following:
LL-200/2 220v/200w.

Such a special lamp i found on intenret shops called OSRAM 64505. But this is a 230V lamp. Can i use it also ? the lifetime is just 25hours, so i want to ask here, how long is the lifetime of the original bulbs? Am i totally wrong or what can i do ?

I even can'T check if the unit is working well, cause no bulbs. The green Lamp behind tha master never lights, but i HOPE this is because of no bulb in it, isn't it?

Perhaps someone can help me out and gimem some clue or information about that old system. Otherwise i have a problem Smiler

Also interessting for me (i am electical noob!) is, if it is possible to plug bukbs with higher V-Values or higher W-Values... Just because they are MUCH MUCH cheaper and easier to get... But i realy don't know which way is permitted, but i think i can remeber from school theat one direction is possible to increase Smiler

VERY VERY Thanks for answers..
i also got ICQ: 115-444-573

Benny from .dE
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Hello Benny. I reccomend contacting our Europen distrobutor who can help you in your native language and they can also pint you to a local retailer to provide you with the lamps you need since you need 2 220volt lampsfor that fixture. Here is their e-mail address.

Contact: Sales Department
Company: American DJ Supply, Europe
Junostraat 2
NL-6468 EW Kerkrade
NETHERLANDS Telephone: 0031 45 546 85 00
Fax: 0031 45 546 85 99
Hello m8!

I bought alias Halogen Bulbs on my own in a german store. i got them for 2,50€ (ca. 4US-$) per piece! Very cheap, so i am damn happy Smiler

The effect works and because of there is NOWHERE any private Video of the FAB4 System on YOutube, than your officialll product Video, i made on to say thanks for support and give other useres the chance to find something when they look for a video of FAB4 SYSTEM on Youtube Smiler

Hope i could help ya with this because you can realy good see, that this effect is very nice (allthough its so old Wink ) it reacts realy NICE with this techno musik Wink... So THANKS a lot... perhaps some feedback in the video ? a comment?

BennY from Germany

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