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Brand new MyDMX Go.

Trying to register this product, but got the same message all the time.

"Can't register this interface : contact support and give this error (211724 ORDER error)"

Any thoughts about this? The display is showing "EA".

Have updated SUT and Hardware manager but nothing helps. Guess i need this registration to get it work at my Ipad?

Many thank for your help. //Johan, Sweden (with bad english language )

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What are you trying to register it for? To use it with MyDMX GO, there is no registration code needed, it's all done over SUT and a chrome or firefox web browser on the logged into your account. But it should work out of the box if you just plug in the GO to a power source, then connect the tablet to it's WIFI and then load up the MyDMX GO app. 


Thank you for your reply.

Connecting to wifi works fine. But got this message (see pictures) in the MydmxGo app at my Ipad.

The interface still showing "EA"... Is that correct?

Is it possible to do a factory reset at this hardware?

If i dont remember wrong i got the digits "01" when starting it at first time.

Thanks. //Johan


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Hi, yes EA means it is not connected to anything. I will have to have the Serial number looked at on Thursday as the team who handles the licenses are out of office tomorrow.
I wouldn't try a factory reset, but you can try it in hardware manager the option should be there in one of the tabs.
But i will need to look into the license via the serial number thursday.

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