After my flight with my instructor yestarday I found out the next flight I book would be my first solo flight... It has come so quickly... I've only had about 10 hours of dual flight time. Nope, I haven't even got my learners for driving yet. Drivers have it too easy. Cool I'm a bit nervous, but as long as it's a nice day with no wind, and little air traffic I'll be sure to have fun. Big Grin But there is a downside I found out my flight school brought in another Cessna 152, I don't know where the one I usually fly is... And this new one was so complicated it took 6 minutes to get the headset hooked up, because the plugs are under the dash, so if they fall out during flight I'm screwed lol. Good thing about the plane is that it has great handling.
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Nah I won't crash. If there is no cross wind I will be able to land easily on the runway. If their is I will probably have to do a overshoot. Their is nothing helping you to steer a plane though... No power steering like in a car. When it gets winding it can get hard.
Fixed wing are for passengers, real pilots fly helicopters.

Nah, dude, it's awesome that you're flying,i had no clue anyone here was a pilot. I have a lil time in the 152, no lisence yet but all i need is an instrument rating, Lately it's been all helicopters cause mt best friend fly's and he got me hooked. just wish it was a lil cheaper...not hard to tye up 10g in a hurry.
I got my intro in a 172 and I loved but never really had the time nor the $200 per lesson (rental+instructor) to go back... helicopters...whew! what I would give to fly one of those...Where did you find a flight school for that?

Regardless best of luck and watch out for the eagle on your left...
I just remembered what to do if I have a communications failure lol. Put 7600 in the transponder, and wait for light signals from ATC... Hopefully they are paying attention to the radar, and notice a aircraft with '7600'. I am just glad I do my flying at a small airport, I know people who did first solos when 737s, and CRJs were flying around.
Helicopter flight schools aren't that hard to find. My best friend took lessons from the now NewsChopper5 pilot here in St.L. he does the news thing full time now. We fly through midwest choppers in chesterfield at the moment. My friend's going to florida this summer for his commercial rating. His parents own a grain company or 5, so they're going to crop dusters this next year. that's why i wanna get my heli cert. so i can spray. Once i rode in a heli, there was no going back, i'm hooked.

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