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Hey, I know they're old and discontinued....but I just bought some electras (someone was selling em at discount to get rid of them i i just grabbed them...) and i pluged both (i bought 2) in and i had them on for like 3 minutes and i noticed a tiny amount of smoke (maybe moisture??) burning off of both of them. Normally, I would just immediately take them back, but if two different ones do the same thing (and both get about as hot as the other) i figured maybe this is normal??

I have never noticed smoke coming off of any of my other lights...and i have several other lights...

J/W if anyone else has had the same experience? or maybe someone knows why they would do this?

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If you run your light when you get it for 15 minutes or so all the stuff will burn off the on and around socket which is what you smell it will not last longer than two sessions this should be the only mildly strong burning smell you smell unless you let it sit for a while and you start it back up after the while it can be dust burning off that you smell or if you use good amount of fog it is the fog residue that is burning off. If it does not sit for somewhat long periods and you don't you much or any fog then you may want to open your light and investigate the smell. Smiler Smiler A new bulb can create some burning smell but not very noticeable and should be gone after a while on.

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