It's my first day with MyDmx 3.0.

I wanna create one scene in Effect generator(Pan Tilt Effect) with two different shapes (circle and polygon). I would like the group 1 to do the circle and group 2 to do polygon shape. 

I'd appreciate your help.




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I also would appreciate an answer on this, I have used the software for a few shows and cannot apply an effect on one group of lights and an effect on a different group of lights in the same cue.  To be fair, I can, however it plays through the first effect and then the second set of effects instead of both effects simultaneously. I would like to be able to have my 3 types of LED washes above stage run 3 different pixel effects in the same cue.


Thank you!

Hi, you cannot generate two different effects  to the same scene and have them play on top of each other, the effects generator doesn't work like that, it is best to maybe make groups of scenes with different effects for different lights this way you can stack to your hearts content. Make sense? 

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