I installed on iOS 9.2 the Easy Remote app and started the MyDMX 2.0 on my laptop with the DMX interface connected. Both are on the same wireless network and have internet connection. But the Easy Remote app does not find a conroller? What do I miss?
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Hi James,

1) the build date is 24 Sep 2015 14:19:01
2) yes I start the myDMX 2.0 with connected interface before starting the app

Regarding Wifi on/off on iPad, I need to test, after my updates are done. Will get back to you for that. The test I did now was to on/off wifi before starting the easy remote first (app was not in memory).

Regards, Torsten
Okay tested now to turn off/on wifi while app is running and close it afterwards to start it again. No change. Maybe you mean something different with "remove from memory" than I do. I mean I double click home button and swipe app to the top of the iPad screen.

Unfortunately this approach does not solve the issue that easy remote cannot find the controller.
Solved Smiler

Reason was that the windows firewall was blocking. It was not that easy to find. Negative impact was also from the fact that due to several deinstallation/installation there were already two entries in the firewall exceptions. Also you might should mention somewhere that this needs to be checked and that the software is not called mydmx or adj whatever but "Computerized Lighting Controller"!

Have fun!

MyDMX2 is running fine, before  starting i connected the MyDMX buddy, and i was able to control lights bij DMX.

When i try to connect my iphone with Easy Remote app (09_52:29 Jun27 2018) it is not able to find a controller.

When i do not connect the my buddy dmx dongle the Easy Remote app is working like it should be.... 

MacOS Mojave 10.14.1

MyDMX May 20 2016

any ideas?  There is a wifi link, and it works fine in "demo-mode"

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