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Well, I'm curious about this myself, as I have a fair amount of black i-beam trussing, and while I am happy about it, it barely fits in my truck in a 15-foot span and taking a 5-foot section off or putting it on is just flat out difficult task.

So, I downloaded the manual for the DuraTruss, and if it's accurate, then a 1.5" clamp, such as the o-clamps, would work just fine. Of course, the C-clamps and S-clamps and other clamps should work just fine

Because my trusses are either painted or powder coated black(ADJ, want to comment?), I find myself marking up the truss using things like the C-clamps and other metal clamps that "screw" down onto the truss metal. I moved to the o-clamps because they are non-marking. But, they are black and that can contrast with the chrome DuraTruss, if that's an issue to you.

My big question is "how wide can I go?" with Duratruss, but I also think I need something more heavy duty than my Crank-2 stands. 20-feet is my new magic number! I doubt it will see 300 pounds fully loaded even over 20 feet, I just need the width for the stages I do since I mainly handle bands and live performers.
there isn't any...

This is a sore subject with me... as i've been on them for over 8 months now about clamps for the dura truss and there still isn't anything thats been released. There solution is telling you to go to home depot....

One employee said there is something in the works and it should be in available in 30 days.... which is the exact same story i was told 8 months ago...

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