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Is it possible to change scenes on the stand alone dongle without it being hooked up to a computer?

Also what functions can i change using the dry port switching, ie, Scene up/down, pause, etc. And finally, what switches do people use to switch scenes, ideally i'd like to use a foot switch of some kind?

I'm hoping that if i purchase the Dry Port switching, that all instructions of programming it and switch connections are supplied?

Many thanks

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Hi Andy, I think you have asked this elsewhere, but i was looking into it and got side tracked, so here is the best answers I can come up with for you.
The short is Yes, it will work.
The long answer is it is a paid upgrade you may need to purchase for your interface and it does require a bit of a set up process, but it should work.
all the info is in the manual under Dry Contact closure/Ports triggering.
Not many of us have done it ourselves in the office, Also the MyDMX RM does exactly this, and is pre-built for you basically.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did previously ask if this was possible, but thought i'd might not of made myself clear in my question?

I'm happy to pay for an upgrade if it works. I could make a foot controller. Is the switching basically just an on/off momentary contact switch that tiggers an operation in the dongle. And i'm guessing the functions would be limited to inc/dec  scene changes, maybe pause and blackout? Which is totally fine.

As i working guitarist without roadies or staff, being able to run my stand alone dongle that has my light show on it, using a footswitch to trigger scene changes is a perfect scenario.

Many thanks


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