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Hello - I'm having a problem with one of my dp-dmx20l packs that I can't seem to figure out. I will set the pack to how I want it (4 channel dimmer mode), set it to the correct address, and it will work fine for a while. Then out of nowhere it will change modes and the lights on that pack will start flickering or turning on and off. Is there something that I can do to fix this or does it need to be serviced by a pro? Thanks,
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I have 3 of these, the older style ones and tehy give me NOTHING but good performance.

Whatever mode you should choose, they stay in. Sounds like you have them figured out how to operate them, so I won't bore you with that. I think it's time to have them serviced. Are they all on the same circuit? What are you hanging off them? I'm wondering if the voltage is weak(common problem) and is making them freak out? But it does sound like service time but I am concerned as you are saying more than one are all having the same issue.
It sounds like they are losing power, most likely do to low voltage since they are flickering. How many lights are plugged into the pack and how many packs are plugged into the same outlet? What else is plugged into the outlet the pack is plugged into? If there is nothing but just that pack, make sure it is a dedicated outlet and not shared with another outlet somewhere else.

I also assume its a club of some sort, so it is possible the voltage drop is accruing at the panel/distro if amps are in the same panel/distro. If that is the case, try moving the packs into an outlet not shared with amps panel/distro.
Thanks for the replies! I guess I should have given more specifics...
The pack in question is to my knowledge on it's own circuit. There are 3 par 64 lights plugged into it. I *think* that they are all 500w. On another circuit I am running another DP-DMX20L (with 3 par 64s) as well as two PP-DMX20Ls (various lights - no 64s) and all of those are running fine.

It makes total sense to me that it is losing power somewhere...the pack is resetting and losing my settings. There is no evidence at the circuit breaker that the circuit in question is being tripped so I'm not sure what to look for.
Hmmm. Does anything change when the lights start flickering? Like a cooler somewhere in the building turns on or the PA turns on? Are the lights flickering to the beat of the music or just randomly?

I once was doing sound in a club and the power was so bad that one of the cash registers behind the bar caused interference to go through the PA. In the same bar the night before, everything was fine. Also in this bar where monitor world/amp world lived was a water return pipe. Well, don't touch it when the disconnect is on because that pipe was grounding through it somehow. So as you can see, power in some clubs/bars can be really weird and I have plenty more horror stories where that one came from.

Did I mention how happy I am to not have to work club/bar gigs anymore? /offtopicrant
Ok so I came down to check things out today (yes it is a bar with suspect circuitry lol - I do know which outlets are tied to each circuit, tho). The first couple of times I tried to turn the pack on, it just flashed the last address "A005" in the display and the buttons were unresponsive. After waiting a minute and turning it back on, the flashing stopped and the buttons were ok. This pack has got to be the problem. It says 12/03 as the date on it, so I can't be too surprised since it has been used constantly for all of these years. Is the best move to send it to American DJ? I will look for someone local...
I agree with SerraAva. Clubs and bars tend to be not very "clued into the real world" when it comes to, well, basically everything.

With a date of 2003, I am going to suggest the following before making a decision:
See what ADJ would charge for a repair.
See if any place locally will do the repairs. Make sure they are authorized.

Now make your decision: Repair or replace. The newer DP-DMX20L's are switchable dimmer/switch on a per channel basis for no extra money in purchse price. Not a bad little upgrade, but it will cost you to replace them.

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