ok i have to be the dumbest person on here at least im learning. im trying to firgure out about how the pro scratch works or the point of scratching in genral ive been reading these forums for a while now and i dont get it. whats the purpose of scratching or mixing, how do they relate?

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Send an E Mail to info@americandj.com and ask for a demo video of the Pro Scratch 2, and you will see DJ Skilz "Scratching". Big Grin Big Grin
PS, to me there is no such thing as a dumb question, how else are you going to learn, it is dumb to pretend that you know something that you do not. Wink Razzer
welcome studly! the purpsoe of scratching or mixing is to create your own personal remix of any song you want. the reason for tihs is there may be a song you like,but you wanna make it even better,that's where mixing and scratching come in! Razzer if you have any additional questions email me DJDude97@optonline.net

PS-Your learning,that's not a dumb question,you have to start somewhere! Wink And,what John said!
First, I'm going to move this to turntablism. . . . Scratching is just another way of expanding your horizons in the artform of the dj, as is mixing, the most important thing about being a dj is really being able to read a crowd. Scratching in a quick definition is making rythms or patterns of sound by emulating a beat. . . and mixing, or blending, is the art of either seamlessly combining two songs or just fading from one song to the next. The video gives you some good ideas, email JB.!
And no you aren't the dumbest person here! That's still yet to be decided.

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