Focus Spot has a fault where Pan dosnt reset on power on.

This is the second Focus Spot delivered to me for testing, and it has the same fault as the first one.

When you power it on, and the reset procedure initiates, pan just makes a small wiggle and then nothing.

2 out of 2 faulty, do you even test??

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Hi, sorry you are having issues, when you DMX them, is the pan positioning off? I know that if DMX is set to 0 for pan and tilt and you power them on it will look like they don't reset as they are already in the "home" position.

Can you show me in a small video what yours are doing?
When the lamps have been without power for 24 hours, and i turned them on, all motors except PAN resets.
Pushing the arm, you can fell that there is no power to the PAN motor, the arm turns freely.

It dosnt matter if They are used in DMX mode or Standalone.

There is no safty in the software, that tests if PAN actualy does reset. (Feed Back)
The lamps will just run with out PAN movement.

Turning them off and then back on, the PAN motor resets, and the lamps work without problems.

2 out of 2 isnt good..
1.High Output LED Moving Head spot
2.1 x 75W Cool White LED & 3W UV LED
3.Motorized Focus
4.Manual Zoom knob on head: 15 ~ 20-degree beam angle
5.3 Operational Modes: Sound Active, Show Mode, & DMX Controlled
6.4 Built-in lighting shows
7.16 & 18 DMX channel modes
8.8 Colors + Spot & Split Colors
9.6 Rotating, replaceable Gobos + Spot
10.Gobo Size: Outer: 23.8mm/Inner:19mm/Thickness: 0.2mm

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