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I use a desktop computer running Windows 10 to program my shows and a Surface Pro 7 to run them.

My issue is that, recently on the desktop only, the "DMXSoft" dialog box appears every time I start the MyDMX 3.0 software. This doesn't happen on the Surface Pro 7. Both computers are running the same version (Jan 13 2020 20.113.9279.1409).

Any ideas as to why this is happening on only one machine and should I be concerned about it?

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Its a bit weird just cause it is inconsistent, but the pop up is just a way to show you your license and that you are connected.
Is one computer connected to the internet and the other not?
You can probably get rid of the pop up for good if you buy the lifetime FULL license, this disables the internet timer and need to synchronize every so often.

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