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Hey everyone, I picked up my DMX go about 2 weeks ago, and overall was really happy with the ease of setup. After about 20 min, I had my two Intimidator spot lights up and working perfectly fine and responding well to controls. 

The issue I have is, not all of my lights work when being controlled by the DMX go. 

A specific example is I have a Mini Kinta IRC, the light works fine, but will not respond to any of the auto commands on the live screen. No lights, movement or anything. However, if I go to the fixtures screen and manually adjust the faders to activate the light, the light responds just fine. 

Similarly, using my ADJ megaflash strobe, the light works fine and responds to all strobe commands, however when the strobe is not activa, the light will randomly flash a single flash. When watching the faders screen, you can see every few seconds the fader will jump up and then reset for a fraction of a second causing the light to flash. 

It seems that there may be a DMX communication issue between the controller and certain lights. Like some lights the auto mode dosent properly control. 

anyone else have similar issues or can wonder a guess at a fix? I really want to be able to use my Kintas and strobe with the rest of the lights but so far it seems pretty impossible without express time being spend setting the faders to certain presets.

Any help appreciated.

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