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I just bought the device and there's some reason why 1. fixture is not working correctly. When I add my ADJ trix7 to channel 1 (I've 3 of thoses, same with everyone), when I touch slightly to control 3, the blue is immediately at the brightest position (So when I lift it up, blue shuts down). Also If I use the control 5, the light turn into a brightes white and even when I turn all r-g-b-controls down, it's still bright white.

Same odd behavior continues with my moving head lamps (Eurolite TMH-7). For some reason it seems to be so, that control no.2 is acting like 11. 

Because of these issues I was thinking to run factory reset for the whole device (I bought it second handed and don't know is there some presets etc. inserted) but I just cannot find any instructions HOW to do it. Can you please help!

Thank You!

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There is a way to reset all the scenes and chases on the board. You will need to have the board powered down first, As you power it back on you need to press and hold down the Program and Down buttons then power up the unit. It will then flash showing it has completed that operation. These commands can be found on the bottom side of the controller. We also have the user manual available to download in PDF format on our website at

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