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I have no idea if I have this in the right area or if anyone even knows what I am talking about, but here it goes.

Say I have a fixture that is non-dmx (e.g. double derby), and the rest of my setup is DMX.. do they make something that is dmx capable that you can plug the non-dmx fixture into so you can control the on and off functions of this fixture via dmx?

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Close, but not quite.

Yes, a dimmer pack CAN work, but you must ensure you have the channel FULL ON or FULL OFF or you can damage the fixture due to insufficient voltage being provided to motors that expect full current.

BUt, the new DP-DMX20LDIimmer packs have a lovely new featue that you can use on a per channel basis. This feature allows you to change the channel(s) from dimming to switching. In switching mode, they are either full on or full off, at a threshold DMX value of 127/128. ANything 127 and below is FULL OFF, and 128 and abuve is FULL ON, which is precisely what the Double Derby and tons of other ligts want and need to operate properly.

Jingles and I(mainly Jingles) is working on a new generic profile for high-tech FX's to accurately utilize this functionality.

In the meantime, in MyDMX, do choose a generic such as Par-type fixture to represent your high-tech FX. It won't be perfect but it is symbolic.

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