I stumbled upon how this area of the forum said NO DJ TALK!
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I'll move your message thread tomorrow to somewhere more appropriate. I'm not going to check the link right now either. I don't think there is any reason administratively to remove it though.

Please just pay closer attention to details in the future, OK? Thanks.
Seriously is it that serious if you post in another forum that is not directly on the topic? I think the administartors of this forum are a little bit too involved. IT IS NOT THAT SERIOUS!!! Dam its not like they are breaking a law. Come' on Administartors it is not that serious!!!!!!!!!!!
what i think it is, is that maybe it was just a personal opinion and he felt that it was not worth mentioning. yeah its just his opinion and naybe a bit harsh... but it is a forum and opinions everyone's opinions count just like mine and yours and Chris's.
just me saying.
We were having alot of spam issues at the time this was posted, and some of the mods were going nuts trying to keep the forum clean. I'm sure he didn't mean to come across the way you took it. PS the OP, has since been banned. For guess what....SPAM!
Originally posted by los is stealth:
what i think it is, is that maybe it was just a personal opinion and he felt that it was not worth mentioning. yeah its just his opinion and naybe a bit harsh... but it is a forum and opinions everyone's opinions count just like mine and yours and Chris's.
just me saying.
proof reading is a great idea.

Responding to a post 9 months old? Wow.

Also, on many forums, it's not unsual to get booted straight out for posting off-topic. Yeah, some can be quite heavy handed. And trust me, I'm one of the MOST HEAVY HANDED out there.

Here's a great example:
France, due to excessive spam, is on my list of "DNSBL on site" countries since I have yet to see any French ISP take any measures to slow spam. And according to my logs, as the amount of spam increases, I see the same French IP's still spewing spam. At least it's not getting to me. But France isn't alone. Asia has become such an internet cesspool that I've gone to blocking it at the /8 level. AFRINIC is also like that, but pro-active. And since Yahoo seems to feel they don't have to do anything to stop spam from spewing forth from their network, I've had to block @att.net to keep my mail server usable otherwise I'd drown under 10,000 spams a day. And talks with Yahoo lead to no action or slowdown. Even when I'm phoning it in in real time, they refuse to do anything.

Journalism is at an all time low. The internet has just basically put everyone at an even ground, but the problem then is that most people can't tell the cream from the crap, and are wandering around with a bunch of nut-lugs in their mouths as "news".

One thing for sure though, thanks to MP3's and their convenience, it would appear that thanks to DJ's loving this format, they apparently love money over quality, and are therefore disrespectful to their audience by playing a substandard format of music for playback. But people have come to accept the craptacular sound degradation of the MP3 as the norm. So sad. Quality used to count for something. Apparently not anymore.
I dont think MP3s sound bad. I know plenty of DJs who use MP3s and they sound great. A number of DJs that I know use MP3s are on local radio shows and DJ a number of big events. What other music would you prefer everyone use? (in your opinion). Just Curious.

What do I use?

Either the CD, a 16-bit 44.1K .wav file(full CD quality) or the band itself.

I ripped my entire CD collection to full quality 16-bit 44.1K wav files, and use them in Windows Media Player and iTunes. No MP3's allowed! No MP3's on my iPhone for listening. All 16-bit 44.1K wav files. No compromises!


Let's put it this way:
I was involved in an album project from beginning to end. I mean, hands on involvement in all aspects from the screwing around trying to come up with the first song, to all engineering and tracking, mixdown and mastering and supervising dupes.

Even compared to the best quality MP3, the CD still kicks ass over the MP3 by a LONG shot! Hell, even the pre-mastered CD reference copy sounded better than the MP3. I bet if we mastered to 1/4" half track at 15ips, it would still sound better than an MP3.

Why should we keep dumbing it down for our audiences? Why keep using sonically compromised audio? Why cheat? Why cut corners?

Maybe it's because I'm a sound engineer, but I refuse to accept a substandard product. If you were a top level artist spending upwards of a quarter million dollars on an album, what do you want people to listen to? The best or "some reasonable facsimile?"

"hey, dood, I got this way cool autograph of someone famous. Check it out" It's a fax. "Good enough!"

Yeah, that's MP3. A poor substitute.

When someone plays an MP3, it's saying "I don't care enough about myself or my audience".

When this one DJ I work with plays an MP3 from his rig, I can always tell. It's often pop-quiz time at shows and I've been right 100% of the time. Sorta not fair because I'm monitoring it on high end cans and through a high-end desk too, and my mains are corrected to the room to bring out ALL the detail!

The other thing is we're all getting so used to crappy substandard audio that we've come to expect it, and that's why to you MP3's sound great. No, they still suck, you've just forgotten what audio is supposed to sound like.

Step up! Dare to put quality first. Your audience will perk their ears up and be like "uh, there's something different here, but it's something different in a good way, I just can't quite nail it down, but it's good". All by refusing to compromise JUST a little.

IN my case I refuse to compromise a LOT! That means top end speakers, room correction/RTA and high-end console. No weak links and optimizing for peak performance.

Also, I stopped listening to the radio in 1986. Can't stand it, still can't. Too much crap on the air. No regrets.
I hear ya man but some people cant afford the high quality stuff that is out there. For example I know that Bose speakers are one of the best quality speakers out there in the market. The Bose surround sound that I wanted was $3500.00 I dont have that kind of money so does that mean, I should not listen to any music in my home simply because I couldnt afford the highest quality of speakers (Bose)? Does it mean I cant use the surround sound that I can afford simply because it is not the best. Am I cheating myself and the guest that come to my house simply because they are listening to music from a non-Bose sound system? My point in saying all this is that there are a number of DJ's who cant just go out to the store and get the highest quality Speakers, mixer, Amp etc. It cost a lot of money. Money that some people dont have or have but must be put their money to better use beside purchasing high quality speakers. I am sure if everyone had money to just throw out for purchases they would by the highest quality of equipment but that is not a reality. Many DJ's cannot afford it. So are they cheating themselves or the people they serve simply because they cannot afford the highest quality of equipment?

I feel directing a fart through a concrete pipe is a better option than a BOSE system.

I mean, let's INJECT deliberate phase issues into as few drivers as possible. Aweful stuff. I'd call it crap, but it's just a compliment. They've managed to make SINGLE small speakers with the entire sytem out of phase with itself by DESIGN. WTF? We're talking about deliberate efforts to screw things up from the get go, sort of a "well, if you've done everything good up until the output stage and you want to f*ck it up with your final set of transducers, then we gots the product for ya right here".

Bose speakers are some of the most over-hyped and over-marketted trash on the planet. Quality? Oh sh*t no, there ain't none of that in any product they've ever made, at least not that I cant tell.

I'm also not saying a DJ needs to get the best speakers, but to then whatever they choose to use, play COMPRIMISED AUDIO, well, you're just saying "I don't give a damn" from the get-go.

Garbage in=garbage out.

I mean, for $300, you can get a certain Behringer unit that has RTA functionality in it. Hit your system with some pink noise, sniff it out and correct to the room. Instant improvement, especially if you're using cross-over. Or, even better, for a little bit more, use an affordable dBx Driverack system processor. Sure, maybe you can't spend $4k per cab like I did, but you can still maximize the stuff you do have with some well thought out purchases. But if in the end you just want to push crap through it, well, at least your crap will sound more like the crap that it is, instead of just crap pouring through a crap filter into a craphole.(that, just for the record, would be a BAD thing).

But hey, I hear ya. Buy crap, expect top dollar. Why put in the effort for quality when frankly, at least around where I live, nobody gives a flying load of crap. They want cheap, and damn the rest. And then they get what they pay for: crap. So, when you don't care enough to do the very least, we see and hear and suffer as a result.

But, at the very least you can do is provide the best SOURCE material you can. If you can do THAT, there's a LOT of other things you can do for FREE to improve your sound. Well, maybe not FREE, but you can control your costs better. Multiple amps, subwoofer, cross-over and/or RTA and/or system processor(could replace a system EQ, RTA and more).

Then again, maybe I'm just too old school after dealing with A-listers and their tours for like 20 years. I'm paid to BRING the best, USE the best and DO my best, and anything LESS means I'm out on my ass.

So, unless you're going to do the best with what you've got, then yes, you're cheating everyone, INCLUDING yourself. You can't IMPROVE a crappy source, and it's only going to go down rapidly from there as each weak link will only help increase the amount of this problem.

One last slam on BOSE:
It stands for:
Bring Other Sound Equipment.

I won't work at a place that carries Bose. I can't stand behind it except to press the detonator on the explosive I strapped to it. A local Guitar Center wants me, but I can't take the job because I gotta sell BOSE(not mandatory), but I can't say anything positive about any of their products ever made outside of "I sure am proud to say I can't stand BOSE products".

So, my point is, clearly, many DJ's don't give a crap, and it shows, and it shows really bad. I guess it's more about money than caring about quality. For me, it's quality first, money second(maybe 3rd, 4th or 5th, money is never my top priority). I can do fantastic things with cheap gear as long as my source is good. Without GOOD quality soure(and MP3's ain't it ever), you got nothing.

But I also won't do DJ work. Not that I won't stoop to that level, but in part because I won't. It's mainly because I don't know what people want and most pop tunes are poop tunes and they make my bowels want to explode in an effort of self preservation. I'm an audio engineer and I mix bands, that's what I do.
Well Chris, you certainly have a way with words. I can tell you are passionate about sound and perhaps that is why you do what you do for a living. I my self feel very strongly about it but you make it an art form.

where do I start? my equipment is not the greatest... hell, i think you would probably pee on it your self (chuckles), but I try to have the best quality sound as possible and it certainly pays off because I get compliments for it. I use a compressor, a maximiser, and crossovers. along with that I use balanced cables from the dj booth to the mixing board to my amps to my speakers. and one thing, I have heard louder systems than mine but mine sound decent. some people think because they sent gobbs of money, their system rocks better than others. I try to tell them that there is more than just having a good sound, it is knowing what to do with it.
on a side note, I do the sound for these kids on friday nights and I told the resident djs to keep their levels straight, that i will eq it on my part. fair enough they listen and i can see through my meters and hear that everything sounds great. BUT, they have guest djs who think that the only thing to djing is matching beats and their ego is high up there because they play in Hollywood. the truth is, they know nothing about sound and these guys play with their meters passing the "0" mark and guess what my tweeters are gone. I had to special order them and it is going to take about two weeks to get them in. this means that i have to lug my other speakers from home because these guys no nothing about sound. I got into a very heated arguement with one of these djs and threatened to cut the music off completely and so he backed off and did what i asked. guess what? the sound was great and i could turn it up louder. his arguement was that it wasnt loud enough, I told him that I would take care of it. sure enough, when he messed with the eq, you could almost feel my other speakers wanting to go pop.

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