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You really cant make your own shows on a partner. it is merely a playback controller. in fact how i understand t but i could be wrong is someone has to program shows on a console or a software program then send the files into the partner. so you have to go through a couple things to get stuff on the partner. it is all described in the DVD. jwillis did u need a instructional DVD? let me know i can get one to you. sincerely,
I've seen some retailers and resellers selling pre-programmed controllers. So, worse case scenario is someone somewhere has documentation and a walk-thru sheet.

Personally, I prefer making my own, even if I am recreating someone else's stuff, mainly for the learning experience.

Onto the Chauvet fixture. I have some Chauvet stuff. Comparable to anything I have from ADJ? No, I don't have any like for like fixtures. Overall, my impression with Chauvet isn't total customer satisfaction. If you can afford the outlay of a few extra bucks, honestly, do go with the ADJ product equivalent.

The ADJ stuff seems a bit better, so you do get your money's worth right there.
Support. ADJ seems to stand behind their products. My experiences with Chauvet tech support hasn't been up to my standards. Although my standards are exceedingly high, ADJ met it without trying. Chauvet went down in flames.

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