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I recently purchased MyDMX 2.0 and I began to setup some LED lights over our stage. I ran into a couple of problems in that, the lights would not respond to DMX control. I addrerssed all the lights individually and checked all the cables but 7 out of the 8 lights did not respond. I have 6 American DJ P64 LED's and 2 64B LED pro. I plan to add more lights as my skill level progresses with the software.
Just so I know I interpreted the image correctly and set the dipswitches correctly on my lights, in the image below, am I right in saying that:

Dipswitch 1 = up position or "On"
Dipswitches 2 & 3 = down position or "off"
Dipswitch 4 = up position or "On"
Dipswitch 5 = down position or "off"
Dipswitches 6 thru 10 = Up position or "On"

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