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Hi I just received a Dimmer Pack DP-DMX20L shipped to me by mistake instead of Power Pack PP-DMX20L. I am using the power pack to hook up the Electra 250 and use it as a on/off switch through the DMX Operator 192.

I am wondering if I can do the same with the Dimmer Pack instead. So either slider 0 or 100 instead of using the dimmer which is anywhere between 0 to 100. So in a sense I just hook up the DP to one fixture on the controller and set it to 100. Evrytime I want to turn on the lights, I just turn on the fixture no assigned to the dimmer pack, and turn off the lights by pushing the fixture button again.

If not I have to return the dimmer pack and wait for the power pack to come.

Can anyone let me know?
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The latest model of the DP-DMX20L has the option to be used as a dimmer or power pack. You can switch each individual channel to work in either of the two modes.

Search through the menu and it will read
C1 - d or s
C2 - d or s
C3 - d or s
C4 - d or s

*d = dim
*s = switch

Send me a private message with your serial number and I'll tell you which model you have

I just bought 2 other power packs, otherwise identical to the DP-20DMXL's. I won't mention brands, but it was half the cost, and had those new features in it as well.

Too bad it's not just as simple as a firmware update. Regardless, way to go, ADJ! Having that feature in there brings much needed flexibility to that product line. Really, you can kill off the PP-20DMXL model since the DP-unit can do both fuctions. That feature makes it easier to configure trusses of lights.

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